Laura Williams

Laura Williams

I fell in LOVE with Pine Mountain Club in 2012 and purchased a vacation home. I starting spending every weekend in PMC and knew it was where I wanted to live in retirement. I retired from my first career in 2014, earned my real estate license, and now live and own a real estate brokerage in PMC.

I truly enjoy meeting new people and helping them with their real estate needs. If you are looking for a broker who is energetic and knowledgeable about PMC, give me a call! I also pride myself on being VERY responsive to my clients! Contact me with ANY questions you have and you can find me at my office in the Gazebo Loop area of the PMC Village!

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Los Padres National Forest

Los Padres National Forest is located in the beautiful coastal Mountains of Central California. The Los Padres National Forest is the third largest National Forest in California with approximately 1,950,000 acres. The forest has elevations that range from sea level to 8,832 feet stretching almost 220 miles from the Carmel Valley area to the western edge of Los Angeles County.

Directions to Pine Mountain Club

From Interstate I-5

Exit 205, Frazier Mountain Park Road. Travel west for 12 miles. Turn right on Mil Potrero Highway & drive 6 miles to Pine Mountain. Pine Mountain Village is on the left.

From the California Coast & 101 Freeway

On the 101 Freeway, exit CA-166. Take CA-166 east for approx. 70 miles. Turn right on Cerro Noroeste Road & drive approx. 25 miles to Pine Mountain. Pine Mountain Village is on the right.

Cities Nearby

Valencia/Santa Clarita: Approximately 55 miles south on the 5 Freeway.

Bakersfield: Approximately 55 miles north on the 5 Freeway.

Area Information

Approx. : 2300

Elevation : 5100 - 7100 feet

Snowfall : From ½ inch to 2 feet.  Approximately 12 times a year.

Average Temperatures

Spring : 51/36   |   Summer : 83/47   |   Fall : 71/38  |   Winter : 47/20

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